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Why Scitax?

  • SR&ED is our only business: Scitax is totally focused on SR&ED tax credits. We've got a first class team of technical consultants backed up by chartered accountants and tax lawyers so you get the right advice on all aspects of SR&ED. We know the rules, we know the policies and we know how CRA auditors are currently interpreting those rules. And because our staff serve on various policy steering committees through which CRA garners the views of the practitioner community on new policies and legislation changes, we can also see what's coming.

  • Stable and durable: You've got enough uncertainty in your technology - you don't need it in your tax. The Scitax partnership is well organized and operates on a solid foundation with strong financial backing. Therefore, no matter how long it takes to settle your SR&ED claims we'll be there to help you.

  • Flexible fee plans: Most tax credit consultants charge a percentage fee based on the outcome of the claim. We offer a range of payment plans including percentage based, hourly, lump sum fixed, plus a sliding-scale hybrid plan which blends fixed and percentage. If cash flow is an issue we'll introduce you to bankers who accept SR&ED claims as loan collateral. Whatever your circumstances, we'll tailor a fee plan to fit your needs.

  • We never close: We make SR&ED happen - and we make it happen fast! We respond quickly and we are there when you need us. Professional client service is our top priority. You won't need to wade through an endless maze of partners, managers and different offices to get your questions answered. If you've got a SR&ED claim issue any time, our on-call staff is there to respond.

  • Our people: Scitax has the manpower to meet all SR&ED claim deadlines. We have technical consultants in all fields of science and engineering. Where circumstances warrant, we also assign a fiscal consultant so that expenditure tabulation can proceed independent of the technical report writing. While all our personnel are experienced in dealing with CRA auditors, we have several staff who were formerly with CRA. We operate an extensive internal training program so that our consultants are up to date on the latest rules and are all using the same standardized methods of work so that consistent quality is achieved on all files.

  • Your people: No matter how many times your staff may have written a SR&ED claim or met a CRA auditor - it's not their job and they're never going to be comfortable doing it. Think of Scitax as a force multiplier: Ask one of your staff to critique our work and they'll be through it in a couple of hours; ask them to start writing from a blank page and it might be weeks. Use all that saved time to assemble supporting documentation and time records. Leave all that writing to us - we do it all day; every day.

  • Security and confidentiality: The issue of confidentiality has become particularly acute now that (thanks to the new t661), project technical descriptions must be delivered tightly integrated with corporate tax returns. And while a SR&ED claim need not divulge any "secret formulas", there will still be a significant amount of confidential information, including pay rates, executive salaries, and details regarding business income which may "leak" in from other areas of the tax return. In the wrong hands, any of this information could seriously disrupt labour relations within your organization. We understand and take the issues of confidentiality and security extremely seriously. Both Scitax sites are located in Class A buildings with controlled access and 24 hour security patrols. Scitax is CGP certified by authority of the Canadian Federal Government for work involving the Department of National Defence, Canadian Space Agency and other government agencies for which security clearance is required.

  • You choose your accountants: Scitax works in concert with the accountants you choose. We won't be trying to push your exiting tax advisors out of the picture. Because some of our partners are accountants, we know how to work with yours effectively and efficiently on a non-competitive basis. We deliver our finished product in a tax software data file for smooth integration into your accountant's workflow.

  • Tax expertise on call: Our affiliation with Cadesky Tax, Canada's leading independent tax advisory firm, means that we can support you and your tax preparer on any taxation matter which may arise during the preparation of the claim, or if a CRA auditor calls. The chartered public accountants and tax lawyers in the Cadesky organization have expertise in all aspects of corporate and personal taxation.

  • International and cross-border issues: Technology businesses typically operate internationally which can lead to complex taxation issues, especially when SR&ED claims are involved. The Cadesky organization has in-house tax professionals accredited with US, UK and China qualifications. Tax experts in other countries are available as needed through a close network of affiliated firms.

  • Dealing with CRA: There is no shortage of SR&ED consultants who will jump at the chance to help you prepare and file your claim. Very few will be there to help you should that claim be challenged - or worse, denied - by CRA auditors. Scitax has a solid track record of helping clients deal with CRA auditors and settling claims at the local office level through improved communications, supplementary information packages and the implementation of compliance record keeping programs.

  • Appeals: Notice of Objection and Tax Court of Canada actions: Due to recent shifts in CRA's SR&ED administrative policies, there are some issues that are just never going to be settled at the local office level: Scitax will undertake resolution of these issues either through CRA's Notice of Objection process or - with the assistance of our affiliated firm of tax lawyers - at the Tax Court of Canada.

  • Still want to do it yourself? Scitax offers in-house training and professional development programs using the same courseware materials that we have developed for our own staff. We have curriculum covering the legislation, CRA policies, compliance record keeping and even fully worked case study examples that show how to prepare an entire claim from start to finish. This training can be delivered at your site or to groups of up 20 persons at either of our two facilities.

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