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Terms and Conditions
Scitax Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Scitax Advisory Partners LP ("Scitax") operates under the following Terms and Conditions which apply to any products sold and/or services rendered to You by Scitax.

Herein "You" means both the natural human person who deals with or contacts Scitax and the commercial entity (i.e. corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship) that such natural human person represents or is employed by.

Herein "Us" or "Our" means Scitax Advisory Partners LP ("Scitax").

  • Scitax does not charge a fee for the first fifteen minutes of (telephone or in-person) consultation we provide to You. After the fifteen minutes You will be charged at Our standard hourly fee rate of $380 per hour for any further time we expend in verbal consultation, follow-on work or producing documents. Our billing increment for such services so rendered is one hour.
  • Expenses and disbursements such as are reasonably incurred by Scitax in performing work for You are not included in Our hourly fee and will be invoiced to You separately and in addition to any amounts for services rendered imputed by hourly rate
  • If You cancel a meeting (either at Our site or Yours) with less than 24 hours advance notice, You will be charged a cancellation fee of $840 regardless of the time duration allocated for the meeting . For meetings at sites that are more than 150 kilometers from Scitax's office this cancellation fee will increase to $1,680.
  • Invoices are due upon receipt; however, thirty (30) calendar days are allowed for processing. Payment will be by cheque made payable to Scitax Advisory Partners LP. If payment in full has not been received by Scitax Advisory Partners LP from You within 30 days of the date of an invoice, a late payment fee of 3.0% per month (42.58% per annum) compounded monthly calculated starting from the date on the invoice will be applied to any amount of that invoice that has not been paid by You.
  • Scitax retains exclusive ownership, copyright and other rights for any work product and documents that we produce for You. In consideration of payment of Our Fees, Scitax grants You a "license" to use such work product and documents for their intended purpose. In the event that You fail to pay Our Fees or any invoice rendered to You by Scitax within 30 days of the date of an invoice, this license is revoked and You agree to cease using such work product and documents for any purpose whatsoever and return same to Scitax.
  • Services rendered to You by Scitax will be performed by teams of persons who, in the reasonable discretion of Scitax, have qualifications and technical expertise appropriate for the work. Scitax will, in its reasonable discretion, select the team personnel and allocate the work to those personnel. While it is Scitax's policy to minimize changes in the assigned personnel, such changes may occasionally be necessary in order to meet delivery commitments, adapt to changes in the subject matter or as a result of unforeseen staffing changes.
  • You agree not to hire as an employee or otherwise engage (e.g., as an independent contractor), any person who has been engaged by Scitax to perform services for You by any means or through any channel other than through Scitax.
  • Fee amounts quoted herein do not include HST or other applicable sales/value added tax to transactions resulting from this Agreement. You agree to pay HST and/or any other applicable sales/value added tax such as apply to Scitax fees at the rate(s) effective at the date Scitax invoice is rendered.
  • Any work Scitax performs for You is done on a "Best Efforts" basis. Scitax offers no warranty or assurance that You will obtain a tax refund, credit or other government funding as a result of Our work. "Best Efforts" means that unless specifically instructed by You to do otherwise, Scitax will undertake such work effort and take such measures which in Our opinion are appropriate to take in respect of whatever situation or issue is at hand.
  • Except for gross negligence, You shall hold Scitax harmless from and against and indemnify Scitax for all liability, loss, costs, expenses or damages however caused by reason of any aspect of work that Scitax performs for You.
  • Scitax will retain Documents produced in or pertaining to work we perform for You stored in either electronic or hard copy form for a maximum of 1,095 days after which they may be destroyed. Voicemail messages, faxes, emails, audio recordings, handwritten notes and drafts of work product are not considered Documents and may be destroyed at any time in accordance with our capacity to store such materials.
  • During the course of its dealings with You, Scitax may routinely make record of any meetings conducted in person or by telephone. Such record may be in the form of hand-written notes, minutes of meetings or audio recordings. By entering Scitax premises or contacting Scitax You consent to the making of such records.
  • Scitax may be operating under various government security covenants. You may be asked to sign a log book open arrival at our premises. Scitax may at any time exclude or remove from its premises any person(s) whom we deem do not have a legitimate commercial purpose for being at our premises or any person(s) whom we deem to pose a safety or security risk or who engages in behavior that is disruptive or abusive.
  • All commerce You conduct with Scitax shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Ontario and of Canada, as applicable therein. In case of dispute You agree to attorn to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Ontario and You further agree that any court action related to such dispute shall be conducted at a court located in the Province of Ontario, Canada.
  • Although from time to time Scitax may employee persons who have at some point in their careers been employed by a Canadian Federal or Provincial government department (e.g. the Canada Revenue Agency), Scitax is not (and does not represent itself as being) an agent of or speaking on behalf of any Canadian Federal or Provincial government department.
  • All services rendered and documents produced by Scitax shall be rendered only in the English language.
  • "Scitax" is a registered trademark of Scitax Advisory Partners LP.

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