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Provincial R&D Tax Credit Rates & Rules in Canada
Astounding Differences in Provincial R&D Tax Credits [PDF]
Detail comparison of Ontario and Quebec provincial R&D tax credits @ 2015 [PDF]
Summary of provincial and territorial research & development (R&D) tax credits Canada Revenue Agency
Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (General Information)
Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax credit RULE CHANGES, November 2, 2015 [PDF]
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Our People

Although Scitax is a relatively new corporate name (founded 2006), its directors David Hearn and Michael Cadesky are both well-recognized senior SR&ED consultants with wide ranging expertise in matters pertaining to the taxation of technology businesses.

Managing Director, David Hearn, has practiced in the SR&ED consulting field since 1993 both independently at his own firm, and at an international accounting firm.

Director Michael Cadesky leads a staff of twenty at the CA firm of Cadesky Tax and is a well-known veteran in specialist taxation fields.

This leadership group is augmented by a team of technical SR&ED consultants representing most fields of science and engineering. Where circumstances warrant, we will also assign a fiscal consultant so that expenditure tabulation can proceed independent of the technical report writing. While all our personnel are experienced in dealing with CRA auditors, we have several staff who were formerly with CRA.

Biographies and professional profiles:

  • David Hearn
    Managing Director

    David Hearn
  • Michael Cadesky
    FCPA FCA BSc MBA - Director

    Michael Cadesky

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