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David Hearn
Managing Director, Scitax Advisory Partners LP

David Hearn is a senior expert on R&D tax credits and other government incentives in the technology sector. Since entering the field of tax credits in 1993, he has handled or supervised over a thousand successful filings. Prior to teaming up with tax expert Michael Cadesky to form the Scitax Partnership in 2006, David was a senior member of the tax credit practice of an international accounting firm where he gained broad knowledge of corporate taxation issues and developed an extensive network of contacts within the Canada Revenue Agency.

In addition to crafting highly effective SR&ED submissions, David's expertise encompasses negotiating settlements with CRA, preparing notice of objection appeals, assisting legal counsel in Tax Court of Canada actions and providing expert witness testimony at court.

Before embarking on his consulting career, David held R&D and engineering positions in the electronics industry.

David is a published author on a variety of topics relating to R&D tax credits and government incentive initiatives in the technology sector both in Canada and internationally. This work includes articles in journals of the accounting profession, numerous conference papers, and credited commentary in leading national newspapers.

Biographies and professional profiles:

David Hearn
David Hearn

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