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Astounding Differences in Provincial R&D Tax Credits [PDF]
Summary of provincial and territorial research & development (R&D) tax credits Canada Revenue Agency
Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (General Information)
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Our People

Michael Cadesky FCPA FCA BSc MBA

Michael Cadesky has practiced full-time and exclusively in the field of taxation since he became a Chartered Accountant in 1980. The FCA designation which he was awarded 1994 distinguishes Michael as a Fellow of the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants. He is also a Fellow of the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong and is fluent in Conversational Mandarin Chinese.

In addition to his qualifications in taxation, Michael holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees.

Michael is recognized as one of Canada's preeminent tax practitioners. His knowledge in both Canadian and international taxation matters have placed him as an expert advisor on tax policy to the Minister of National Revenue, Auditor General and Department of Finance in Canada and to several foreign governments including China. He is a past governor of the Canadian Tax Foundation and is published author (Carswell, Tottel) on various taxation related subjects.

Michael is the managing partner of Scitax's affiliated firm of chartered accountants Cadesky Tax, who provide expert-level support on any taxation-related matters that arise either during preparation of the claim or in dealing with CRA auditors afterwards.

Biographies and professional profiles:

Michael Cadesky
Michael Cadesky

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