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Astounding Differences in Provincial R&D Tax Credits [PDF]
Summary of provincial and territorial research & development (R&D) tax credits Canada Revenue Agency
Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (General Information)
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Scitax Bulletin #77 - Tax Court Rules Government Loans Will Reduce R&D Tax Credits [PDF]
Scitax Bulletin #76 - PhD Post-docs Get Tax Break in Canada's 2021 Federal Budget [PDF]
Scitax Bulletin #75 - CRA Clarifies Some SR&ED Filing Deadlines Extended for COVID [PDF]
Scitax Bulletin #74 - Special COVID Deadline Extensions Do Not Apply to SR&ED [PDF]
Scitax Bulletin #73 - Bulletin 73 - New CRA Guidance on SR&ED Claims By Physicians [PDF]
Scitax Bulletin #72 - Budget 2019 Has Good News on R&D Tax Credits [PDF]


Scitax Advisory Partners LP is a Canadian professional services firm with specialist expertise in all aspects of planning, preparing and defending Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit claims.

We offer a multi-discipline team of engineers, chartered public accountants and tax lawyers to ensure that your SR&ED claim issues are covered from every angle.

While we normally work in concert with our client's existing accountants, our affiliated tax-dedicated chartered public accounting firm – Cadesky Tax – is an expert resource for advice on any taxation matter such as may arise either during the planning and preparation of your claim or while dealing with CRA afterwards.

In addition to planning and preparing new SR&ED claims, we also engage on SR&ED claims that have been challenged by CRA auditors or that have received negative assessments for either scientific or expenditure eligibility. If a satisfactory settlement cannot be achieved with CRA at the local office level, we will appeal your assessment through either Notice of Objection or Tax Court of Canada procedures with the assistance of our affiliated firm of tax lawyers.

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